House Miadh

  • Descended from the God of Travel and Honour
  • Think the stories of how gods would disguise themselves as mere mortals and show up on the doorsteps of princes or kings, to test their hospitality
  • Themes of Honour, Justice, Hospitality, Cooperation, Altruism
  • Tends to get itself killed off in things like noble sacrifice fairly frequently, also historically not uncommon to get exploited
  • Afiliations with roads, forests, the sea
  • House “Racial” Common Traits: Naïve/trusting, wanderlust (oikofugic?), judgemental (not quite the right word; the concept I’m trying to convey is that while the House is trusting, it responds harshly when its trust is violated)

Members of Note


“No, Diggory, I forbid it. Let the others play their futile games of deceit and espionage; we shall show them honour, and they — in turn — will treat honourably with us.” So spoke Lord Gerrand Miadh, progenitor of his house. Thus in the days after the fall was Diggory Whit, First Voice and advisor to Lord Miadh, disallowed to recruit a team of spies. Now Diggory — being loyal, but not to the point of folly — saw his lord’s error and recruited spies anyway, keeping the fact secret from Lord Miadh. Diggory lived a long life, and proposed the use of spies (whose existence he would then reveal) to Gerrand’s heir, and many years later, to his son. Neither accepted, and so it became tradition in House Miadh for rulers of the house to believe they had no spies, and for the First Voice to in turn control the network.

This status remains to this day: House Miadh has a network of spies (as do most if not all other houses) but denies it to itself; while this hampers them a little bit, the spies have operated with much more freedom, less oversight, and less bureaucracy than they otherwise would have. Every few generations the First Voice will again suggest to the Lord or Lady of the House that a network of spies would be useful, hoping against hope to end the charade. By this point, they are usually met with denial on the grounds that if the House is doing this well without such a network of spies, what little gain they might get is not really worth sacrificing their principles.

House Miadh

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