Mount and Burn


With the grave report of the events in the Cave near Piran, the party felt it would be prudent to do what they could to deal with the evil confluence of ley lines and the symbol gathering power. Toward that end, Lord Ymir prepared a copy of Lady Castiglione’s maps of the region, to allow surveying of major nearby landmarks.

The group also searched the possessions of Jacobo of No House for any copies of the symbol carved in the cave. While they found none, they discovered markings on his amulet of similar nature. Lord Ymir attempted to pull the amulet from him for further study, but Jacobo recoiled; Sir Hammarström attempted to subdue him, but the bandit unleashed a burst of demonic energy and began cowering in the corner of his cell. Lord Ymir and Lady Miadh the burned blessed incense and other soothing plants about his cell, lulling him to sleep despite his arcane efforts to clear the air. As Sir Hammarström retrieved the amulet, the hermit’s eyes sprung open and he spoke in some foreign tongue, of freedom and life.

Lady Miadh suggested bargaining with the demon to coax it from Jacobo’s body, if the cost it demanded were not too great, but this plan was quickly discarded. Lord Ymir then suggested that perhaps the amulet could be tested to learn of the spirit within it, since it seemed to have been holding the demon within Jacobo in check. Lady Miadh was tied to a chair in the chapel, and after steeling herself and calling upon the power of her blood for incorruptibility, the amulet was placed over her neck.

No foul spirit assailed her, nor any other grim fate. Instead, in a flash of insight, she recognised the demon for what it was: an elder demon tied to the Blood of Smokeless Fire. She learned that it could be controlled by one of that Blood, or banished by being submerged in water. She realised also the basics of a plan to alter the nature of the converging ley lines, and found herself possessing the knowledge of how to cast simple arcane spells. The amulet was removed, and though for a moment she felt an urge to keep it, the combination of her will and Blood overcame it.

The exorcism was performed as planned: a trench was dug near a nearby stream, and Jacobo was chained to a plank and submerged as soon as he was conscious enough to hold his breath. After a tense minute of waiting, the water began to boil and gouts of flame erupted into the air in a fearsome display of unholy power, before the demon rose howling into the air and disappeared in a blinding flash of fire. Jacobo survived the ordeal, and was returned to prison to await trial for banditry, a grim sort of salvation.



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