Mount and Burn

Sailors, Surgeons, & Skirmishes

The party spent two days preparing to confront the Demon Bandits of Piran. Lord Ymir borrowed a workshop from the Lady Castiglione, and set about refining powder and building a large explosive. Lady Miadh recruited the sailors to come to the aid of Piran by promising them a share of any loot recovered from the bandits. She also sought medical supplies from the town doctor, who bravely offered to ride with the makeshift army to the rescue of Piran. Lord Igelström consulted the stars to find clues as to the bandit’s whereabouts.

The party set off first to Piran, and then struck eastward to the rolling hills beyond the village. Through good fortune, they happened upon a camp of rough looking men who were idling away the afternoon, weapons and loot close at hand. Unsure of whether these men were bandits or merely honest travellers (perhaps guards of some merchant caravan who had been instructed to stay with the wares as the merchant rode ahead to Piran seven months ago, only to be at a loss for what to do when the merchant failed to return), the party eventually decided to capture and interrogate them.

It turned out that though they were criminals, they had not had any dealings with demons nor Jacobo of No House. Lord Ymir preached to them of the importance of faith and honesty, while the others examined the bandits’ map. There had been no sign of other bandits, but when Lord Igelström divined the ley lines in the surrounding areas, they showed a great and terrible disturbance in the hills west of Piran, near the hideout of Jacobo of No House. The party decided to return to Lady Castiglione’s castle to rest from their exertions and decide what to do next.



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