Mount and Burn

Nexus Reconnaissance

- Lord Igelström, Haytham Siyah, four sailors, and self investigating magical nexus near Piran
- Igelström reports magical “pull” emanating from nexus
- Siyah, three sailors succumb to magical effects; rushing towards nexus
- Arrived somewhat later, more cautiously. Magic sigil has killed one who touched it. Presumed source of compulsion.
- Igelström explains sigil is gathering power to be directed with unknown purpose, continues to be very dangerous; does not seem troubled by recent death.
- Discussion cut short when corpse reanimates and attacks; fled to safety.
- Siyah carries unconscious Igelström from cave (redeeming self from foolish rush toward sigil earlier); latter has somehow linked soul with circle. Caution.
- Siyah left supervising sailors in dealing with zombie, warding off villagers from nexus. Returning unconscious noble for priests to examine.
- Sailors content to return with skins and without share of non-existent profits.

- Concur with Igelström; sigil constructed with some purpose in mind. Should watch for signs of original mage. Potentially very dangerous.
- Nexus will need to be dispersed or cleansed as soon as possible. Worst case scenario, entirety of Piran corrupted; recommend preparations in case of urgent flight.
- Igelström potentially useful as ally; likely dangerous regardless.
- Siyah of unknown mettle; possible good source of information on Lord Ymir.



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