World History

  • Start: The wake of the god wars and birth of the bloodlines.
    • The day the heavens fell and the pierced the world.
      • What happened to the Book of Fate?

        As the walls on the City of the Gods fell, the Hierophant tore a leaflet of fourteen pages from the book and handed it to a mortal soldier whose survival was writ upon it, then set the book aflame.

    • The deaths of the first Blooded as their magics manifested
    • The scouring of the known lands by the dying curses of the gods
    • When the ashes come to rest, the fourteen tribes go their ways.
      • Why do men not live as one?

        When it was done, all men stood at once on common ground, and faced a common question – Who would be mourned, and who was to blame? No two shared the same answer, so they were driven into worlds apart.

  • Reign of the Holy Tyrant
    • The Crusades of Unification
      • For he looked in all directions and beheld the world.
    • The Renaissance of Fire – period of stability and vibrancy, as a flame burning bright
    • The rise of the Awnshegh
    • The Nights of Fell Glory – a fall to decadence and corruption
    • The death of the immortal Holy Tyrant
  • The Shortest Dark Age
  • The Long Winter, or the Reign of Cold Fire
    • The great plague and the deaths of the Thirteen Bloodlords
    • Iardian’s Wall. In a land with more old stones than fighting hands, a great work is set in motion to define the borders of a nation.
  • The Age of Thirty Kingdoms
    • The Rise of House Renaldi
    • Derya The Red-Eyed and his Forty Students
      • How did Derya become Blooded?

        Derya’s student came to him, questioning why Derya did not reveal his blood. He asked, since the college was taught to use all of their power. Derya revealed that he was not always born to the Blood. It turned out he was the son of an Awnshegh, the Eye of the Storm. He hid it to be a mystery.

    • The Seventh War of Ascension
    • The Forging of the Last Alliance (of the remaining fourteen kingdoms, against the orcs and stuff killing all the dudes in the north)
  • The Century of the Thousand Heroes
    • The reclaiming of the North
      • What was discovered in the ruins of the City of Broken Glass?

        octokraken. beware, it hungers. There is a castle of glass in the middle of the city, of which there was no record. It bears the look of elven craft, and is guarded by creatures of enchanted glass. The heroes fight their way to the throne room, where a skeleton clad in armour but unarmed sits upon a throne guarded by mighty golems of glass. The heroes fight them, but are hard pressed; Marion of High Watch wields Aerawaith, sword of the Holy Tyrant. She is struck by a golem, flies across the room, and crashes to the ground in front of the throne, dropping the blade and breaking her leg. As she stares at the golem lumbering towards her, suddenly the blade shatters the golem; looking back she sees the skeleton, bathed in the Light of the Holy Tyrant and having picked up his sword. (For reference, his bones were thought to be interred far, far to the south.)

    • The Voyages of Floriano the Great (A Renaldi!?) – he’s Magellan/Marco Polo
    • Bordar, The grand giver of gifts and liberator of peoples campaigns across the lands (He’s apparently like batman, but less dark and more chummy with his psychopathic peacocks/ entourage // he’s like early game Thor)
  • The Great Dark Age
    • The rise of the Necromancer King, The Father of Ravens and the spread of his shadow across the lands. The necromancer king extends much of his power by demanding tribute from all lands upon which he can lay eyes from his grand tower. (think something along the lines of the great necromancer of clark ashton smith’s work)
    • The culling of House Renaldi. House Renaldi stands against the Father of Ravens, but are abandoned by their allies. The Dread King slays those who stand before him and — somewhat annoyed and vengeful — places a bounty on the heads of any of their line. Two daughters and one son survive in hiding, the rest are slain by those seeking favour from the evil Necromancer. Also why the School of Myrannor bears the stain of cowardice to this day.
    • The Sundering of the Raven Crown – the Father of Ravens had his artifact of power, the Raven Crown, of unknown origin split by the forces of Light. Each of the Kings of the 14 Kingdoms took one piece, and the Onyx gem was given to the School of Myrannor.
    • The Red Councils – Attempts by the forces of darkness to forge a unified front. Each is ultimately self-defeating.
    • Near the close of the dark age, sightings of the Father of Ravens, from his tower drop off dramatically. People even being to talk, speaking in hushed voices that the dread necromancer may have died in his high aerie. However, none that dare disturb his high throne room ever return. Instead, his ghostly retainers continue to run the basics of the city in which the tower stands even as new powers rise up within transforming the city into a potent trade hub.
  • Reign of the Second Holy Tyrant
    • The Truce at Tethaniel – The Holy Tyrant stopped the wars between the Elven and Dwarven nations that had been going on through the past two ages, making him the first human allowed into both of their halls.
    • The Inquisition – the Holy Tyrant, being both a Tyrant and Holy, began to root out the worshippers of disliked ideals. He tried to form an Emperor Cult, which was rather short lived, but he alienated several of the outer houses
    • The Holy Tyrant’s Men, a mix of formal military and privateer forces sanctioned and supplied by the tyrant proceed to hunt down and destroy numerous nests of actual evil whilst the Inquisition spends its time hunting down those it perceives as evil and threatening.
    • The Emperor Unclothed – After his end, The driving force of his ambitions is revealed – a great web of evil is seen to permeate the heart of his domain. A vile force of darkness infesting the souls of his highest followers. The Blood Beneath the Sea. When revealed and confronted, it retreats into the sea.
    • The reading of the Tyrant’s Will – To each of his fourteen children he left a country, but to the eldest and the youngest each he left as well a Tome. The eldest received The Prince of Ravens (the politickal treatise), and the youngest The Arte of Ravens (the only book of magicks not black).
  • Heirs of the Second Empire
    • A great house spited by the inquisition withdraws into the east. Hounded by relentless orcish hordes, their leaders call upon the fires of the earth to defend their flock and drive back their enemies. They settle in the mountains and begin the Sultanate of Smokeless Flame.
    • House Wytemorn, headed by the eldest son of the Second Holy Tyrant, plots to betray, humiliate, and overthrow House Tinicci and their allies, the Clan of Valin Hammerhand. The orcs they were plotting with spoil things and raid the Dwarven Halls early, and the plan is unveiled by a member of the School of Myrannor before they are ready. Wytemorn throws a minor house under their rule and protection under the bus to make amends to House Tinicci and save face.
    • The Warlord Vothug began to attack a large number of settlements, mostly in the North, and attempted to reestablish the old orc empires. Behaving like a Mongol Khan he led his troops in nomadic raiding, before suddenly disappearing 37 years ago.
    • The kingdom of House Vane, having held on by a thread for the last three ages after being dealt a crippling blow by The Father of Ravens, finally collapses. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, the kingdom was ritually sacrificed to prevent the rise of a grand red council set to wash over the world. A side effect of this sacrifice was a mysterious plague which spread throughout the kingdom, slaying over a third of the population before it largely burned itself out.
    • A collection of trade leagues step up to develop, safeguard, and heavily exploit all lines of commerce between the successor states. The Serene Republics assert neutrality from royal wars and agnosticism before spiritual strife. Gold is their domain, and the economy their blood. ( Floriano The Great would be proud!!)
  • End: New empires rising from the ashes?

World History

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