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World History



  • Plethora of mythic objects of a bygone time – no such thing as a boring magical item. Has to have a history/ background
  • Prominent inland sea. – Centre of the world
  • Evil – Spiders, Trolls, Orcs
  • Different kinds of humans
  • history is slowly breaking out of a cyclic nature after the death of the gods
  • Faith exists, but is not understood
  • Cults rise and fall like kingdoms, they are both good and bad


  • No divinity – No Invulnerability
  • No Fate – Prognostication as unto science. Nature is predictable, people are not.
  • No permanent laws of magic. Magic is ever in flux, albeit slowly. Magic is not science.
  • No Rev.Industry. Keep things Renn.
  • No safe, reliable, expedient long range travel or communication (pick two and you’re okay)

Important Things

Blooded Houses
List of Dead Gods

Main Page

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