Bayar Khan


Born Great
The Rites
Bears the Lash
Head Taker
Great One
Slave to the Dark
Drinker of the Dark
Knower of Secrets
Master of Eight

92 years old

Res 7
Black Robes
Ceremonial Sword (sup Longsword)
Tools of the Trade
Superior Leather Armour
Hobnail Boots
Travelling Gear

3D The Split Eye Horde
2D The Great Khan
Hateful Relationship 4 LP Spider

Black Cloak
Black Rust

Will B8 Per B8 Pow B6 Forte B7 Agi B6 Spd B6

Ref B6 Res B6 Circles B5 Hes 2 Health B6 Steel G7

Sup B4 Light B8 Midi B9 Severe B10 Traum B11 MW B12

Born To Rule Them All
Life Is Death
Where there’s a whip, there’s a way
Unrelenting Savagry
Missing Digits
Savage Consequences
Fearful Respect of the Servents
Stark Madness
Naked Hatred
Blasphemous Hatred
Void Embrace
Unrelenting Hatred
Fondness for Elven Blood
Aura of Malevolence

Hate G8
Void Embrace B4
Blood B6

Brawling B7
Intimidation B4
Torture G4
Whip-wise B4
Command B5
Sword B7
Brutal Intimidation G6
Axe B3
Strategy B5
Name Ritual B4
Poisonous Platitudes G5
Falsehood B4
Persuasion B4
Clan-wise B4
Ambition-wise B4
Servant-wise B4
Doctrine of Nights Blood B5
Rituals of Night B7
Vile Poisoner B3
Foraging B5
Spider Husbandry B4
Riding B5
Mounted Combat Training TRAINED
Rituals of Blood B5
Oratory B5


The orc is Khan swept through the land, lashing the trolls and goblins alike, killing humans and elves at will, and smashing many houses, including House Ymir. The hoard consumed flesh and pillaged the land for nearly twenty years, destroying many hectares of land. The orc, born to a chieftain, began to slay, slaughter, and whip his way through the ranks.

Lifting himself from the muck of orc filth, he has begun to commission the first orc crafts, trying to build a true orc nation. Until, nearly forty years ago when the hoard stopped suddenly and Bayar disappeared.

Bayar Khan

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