Mount and Burn


Our heroes were travelling by ship when a seasonable storm took the vessel and dashed it against the rocks of the coast. The party survived with most of their gear intact, and through their efforts and a miracle of the smokeless flame managed to save some thirty sailors. They found themselves stranded in a small village of the Serene Republics, within the domain of Lady Castiglione.

Having recovered from the shock of the event, the party spent the next day in and around the town. Arrangements were made to repay the kindness and hospitality of the locals, with shipments of enough high quality food to feed the entire village for over a month.

That night, the village was beset by horrible spectres. The shades created havoc in the village, but also swarmed over the olive groves, stealing their produce. This did not escape the notice of Sir Hammarström, Lord Ymir, nor Lady Miadh, who gave chase. Unfortunately, their eyes weakened by some treacherous foul magic of the spirits they sought (and certainly not do to the backfiring of failed attempts to call upon their ancestral magic), the party did not notice a hole in the ground until they blundered into it.

The hole itself contained stocks and stolen goods, as well as the entirely honest and trustworthy hard-working loveable old hermit Jacobo. The party set itself for battle with the presumed summoner.



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